Legacy views every project as a partnership.

Our desire is to become an extension of your company. By offering years of expertise in both real estate sales and marketing, we are able to deliver maximum ROI on every development project you undertake.

Listed below are just some of the many services we offer. While many partners receive our assistance with full-stage engagements,
we are also able to deliver support for specific phases or a la carte services to best serve your marketing and sales goals.

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Additional Stage Definition (password protected)

Preliminary Stage :: Discovery

      • Site inspection
      • Developer/Investor meeting
      • Project scope and definition

Stage 1 :: Positioning

      • Interview Stakeholders
      • Design and Hospitality
      • Project Brand Positioning and research

Stage 2 :: Planning

      • Assign Sales Team Leader
      • Conduct sales & marketing summit
      • Review/approve budgets and critical path
      • Define legal and brokerage requirements
      • Determine product segmentation and
        potential builder partners

Stage 3 :: Training

      • Personnel growth/expansion
      • Lead generation tactics
      • Fulfillment processes
      • Networking
      • Personal business planning

Stage 4 :: Execution

      • Determine product release method
      • Set appointments
      • Determine ROI objectives and measurement systems
      • Implement training
      • Reporting and Action Planning

Stage 5 :: After Action Review

      • Refinement and Execution (people, training, strategy and