Our 5-Stage Process Delivers Real ROI

With many years of expertise in both real estate sales and marketing, we deliver maximum ROI on each of your development projects. While many clients engage in full services from all five of our stages, we also can offer these services a la carte. Explore the summaries of the stages below, and contact us for a complete demo.


The 5 Stages are:

Discovery Stage
  • Site inspection
  • Developer/Investor meeting
  • Project scope and definition
Stage 1: Positioning
  • Interview Stakeholders
  • Design and Hospitality
  • Project Brand Positioning and research
Stage 2: Planning
  • Assign Sales Team Leader
  • Conduct sales & marketing summit
  • Review/approve budgets and critical path
  • Define legal and brokerage requirements
  • Determine product segmentation and potential builders
Stage 3: Training
  • Personnel growth/expansion
  • Lead generation tactics
  • Fulfillment processes
  • Networking
  • Personal business planning
Stage 4: Execution
  • Determine product release method
  • Set appointments
  • Determine ROI objectives and measurement systems
  • Implement training
  • Reporting and Action Planning
Stage 5: Review
Refinement and Execution (people, training, strategy and

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See a summary of our 5-Stage Process on this page, or contact us to schedule a full demo online or in person.